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In the words of Adams for Maria Sharapova

Dearest Maria, I hope you are pretty fine and as hot as I left you last time. You do not know how I have been living here without you. Every time I am dreaming of you that is when I … Continue reading

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Cyclone technology took my shit away!

Recently the hot debate with some friends was about the Italian WC. Because they are smaller in size, they have smaller exit hole. There is a science behind how your crap goes through that small hole. The idea is inspired … Continue reading

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Soft fake, sold wide..

This is the place, where I had to bargain to get some space to work. They offered me few pennies for a job, I asked few more and finally they placed me in a small cabin where I had nothing … Continue reading

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Train Madness

KOooooooo koOOOOOOOO Jug jug jug……..This sound I have been hearing since childhood. Travelling in the train has been always exciting. I have travelled in every kind of compartment of the train.  Let me explain it to you, how are they. … Continue reading

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Smoking kills

Cigarette, a serial killer of human is deeply loved by us. Despite the most dangerous enemy which causes cancer and other diseases, we still like to take cigarette in our mouths, puff and inhale. It’s weird how when you ask … Continue reading

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Plumber Amanullah

I have lived in a small flat for five years, where I faced water problems more often. Every time I had to run up on roof to check if water is coming in the tank or if some neighbor guy … Continue reading

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WC vs Indian commode

We have mostly two types of commodes in our society. One is called WC and other is called Indian commode (in which you have to sit like wicket keeper sits when bowler is bowling). WC, I do not know why … Continue reading

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