Aisam and PTV coverage

IT is good to see that PTV Sports has started broadcasting tennis grand- slam matches. I was expecting that PTV would be specially broadcasting Aisam-ul-Haq’s matches.

Unfortunately, neither any match of Aisam was shown nor discussed in post-analysis.

Aisam might not be as big a player as Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, but he means more than any world class player to Pakistani youngsters who love tennis.

Aisam has brought a positive image of Pakistan to the world and we are really proud of him.

I request the PTV to broadcast Aisam’s matches in future. I also congratulate Aisam for reaching the third round of Wimbledon in men’s doubles and second round of mixed doubles.Image


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I am trying best to come up with the best analysis about the society. I have grown up in two different class of societies. My schooling was from a very ordinary school at a small town and I ended up being a Computer Scientist although I wanted to be a film director I love playing tennis, volley ball, squash, soccer, table tennis, cycling and badminton. I have done sketching, oil painting and fabric painting. I have good grip on camera. I have also participated in short movie, ad films and poster designing competitions. I Love traveling and environmental science. planning to study business and want to start a business. Yes I love humor and I am a very jolly person I would really appreciate if my readers leave comments because their words are very encouraging to me.
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