Married Life

I wish i see my sons doing ‘tawaf’ in ahram” my mom said and surprisingly her wish came true, her sons now do ‘tawaf’  daily, the difference is they do ‘tawaf’ around their wives and instead of ahram they are in towels,  asking where their clothes are.  When I asked a married person, how does it feel when you are getting married at ceremony, he replied that you get blind, you don’t know whats happening and once it is done, you are surprised what has happened.

Being a bachelor is same as lion in a jungle but once you get married you are pretty same as lion of circus, where your master wife tells you the orders and you obey them with no choice. You just do not lose your virginity but you can’t see good looking females at shopping mall, you can’t hang out with friends, you have to give application before leaving home, trips to in -laws and some times irritating brother in laws.

After a decade, wife becomes same as old car of yours, you drive faster without caring the sounds coming from loose tires and doors same as you never care what your wife says, hence some times car stops at the road, like your wife stops your food at home. They both get over heat on small trips so you have to put coolant in engine same as you have to take out your wife on dinner. For sure you never miss looking at other pretty cars over there :D. You have to get Khaadi, Gul Ahmeds, Junaid Jamshed lawn, branded seat covers, you get branded shampoos, cosmetics to wash your car in a hope that some how she looks like Ferrari or Porsche and for a wife to look like some Hollywood actress.

What ever happens, she always helps you in trouble, take good care of you,  i mean the car and the wife both. Its just that some times we wait for offers like Suzuki does .

Bring your old car at showroom and get a new one 🙂


About billaytoot

I am trying best to come up with the best analysis about the society. I have grown up in two different class of societies. My schooling was from a very ordinary school at a small town and I ended up being a Computer Scientist although I wanted to be a film director I love playing tennis, volley ball, squash, soccer, table tennis, cycling and badminton. I have done sketching, oil painting and fabric painting. I have good grip on camera. I have also participated in short movie, ad films and poster designing competitions. I Love traveling and environmental science. planning to study business and want to start a business. Yes I love humor and I am a very jolly person I would really appreciate if my readers leave comments because their words are very encouraging to me.
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4 Responses to Married Life

  1. HB says:

    Surprised!!!! is it really written by you 😮

  2. HB says:

    ya after this i truly believe, if u can write such a blog then really nothing can b impossible 😛

  3. HB says:

    oye hoyee tasverain b laga di hain 😉 u and ….. ;):p

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