I played a backhand like Roger Federer

I would have been somewhere in top ranking of Pakistan Tennis Federation, if I were given opportunity to show my ability of playing various pace shots on tennis court, in my early age. Due to lack of tennis facilities in a small town, my dreams of playing tennis remained only dreams until I moved to Karachi. When first time I grabbed the tennis racquet and played few forehands my tennis partner asked me if I was practicing some where.

This was my passion that I started adopting tennis style in my badminton game and while practicing forehands with wall, back at home town.  I remember when I was in 10th grade I told my brother who visited my place for a night that I really wanted to play tennis and he told me to focus on studies and become something. Like some corporate jerk duh!!! I wish he could have understand that playing a backhand like roger feels same as you score top in math. Hitting big forehands are same as scoring in language subjects. Reading your opponents game is as good as reading prisoner of Zenda. Slice always tells you how gravity works with the ball. I wish I were a tennis player and my progress report were sent to my dad for my various shots.

  • Forehand 90%
  • Backhand 70%
  • Volley 60%
  • Service 85%
  • Foot movement 85%
  • Accumulative GPA 3.5

Instead of university I was given scholarships to play in ATP tournaments and instead of GMAT I were preparing for Grand slams. My dad were clapping for every backhand that I play like Roger but I forgot, my dad was not a tennis player. If dreams were supposed to come true then they would not have been dreams. I could not become a tennis player but I make sure that you find me at some tennis court of small town in Pakistan, promoting tennis.


About billaytoot

I am trying best to come up with the best analysis about the society. I have grown up in two different class of societies. My schooling was from a very ordinary school at a small town and I ended up being a Computer Scientist although I wanted to be a film director I love playing tennis, volley ball, squash, soccer, table tennis, cycling and badminton. I have done sketching, oil painting and fabric painting. I have good grip on camera. I have also participated in short movie, ad films and poster designing competitions. I Love traveling and environmental science. planning to study business and want to start a business. Yes I love humor and I am a very jolly person I would really appreciate if my readers leave comments because their words are very encouraging to me.
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4 Responses to I played a backhand like Roger Federer

  1. Ad-it-i says:

    There are always some dreams…which you dont accomplish in your life although at the start you might have felt that this is all I wanna do…I can relate to ur sentiment here…for me its like been there felt that…!!!! Best wishes for your effort of spreading tennis awareness in your home town…you are ought to succeed…I am sure!!

  2. Promoting tennis is good idea, perhaps you can help some talent to achieve for what you had dreamed for…

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