Nostalgia is not a Bitch! — Growing up

I never wanted to go to school. After all I was the last kid of  my beloved parents, I had enjoyed rides on motor bikes of government servants working under my father. My brother always yelled at me for getting late because I could not part my hair perfectly so as to make a white line while brushing them. Every morning I got up and the  first person I used to see was Chacha Bhaku who was almost always smiling. He was a servant who exactly looked like the teacher in karate kid 2 movie, he entertained me with a trick of showering water between his teeth. He had dozens of children, every time when he had a new baby he brought sweets for us and my dad scolded him for not practicing family planning. Chacha bhaku was quite smart he stopped bringing sweets but did not give a break to the cycle of reproduction. This however made my dad happy he started believing that finally Bhaku had got his point of ‘the importance of practicing family planning’. Chacha Bhaku never understood the first invention of the world that how it worked, every time when my bicycle used to get puncture he used to take it over his shoulders to get it repaired.

I remember my KG class section A, when I had to face the very arrogant Miss Sheereen who always yelled and I never got the reason for yelling.  Section B was more comfortable because it had Miss khalida who was pretty calm and sweet. Later, on my protest, my parents admitted me in section B. I remember Miss khalda making my “ pony” for not getting haircuts and cutting my nails so deep that I had to wear sunny plaster in all of my 10 fingers.  I had two good friends one was VIKI and other was RAVI. Both were twins, identical twins. I recognized Ravi through his mole on his neck. Viki taught me how to keep money in socks. We compared our work, our plastic glasses and stationers.

I could not secure top position till 5th grade because our school was co-education till grade 5. I remember once my teacher complained to my class mate named Seema and told her to tell my mum, I was very well prepared to face her,so well prepared that before she could meet my mum I gave her a ride on my bicycle to her house. Life was colorful with some good looking female teachers until I got in the sixth grade where I had to bear with a bunch of  mustache wearing and perfectly combed oily haired male teachers.  I got the first position in 6th class for the first time and remained at the top till the school finished, the reason being not having  to compete with females  and remembering and following what my class teacher(who i had a crush on) had told me while i was crossing the borders during the partition of the different sexes, what she had told me was to work hard.  I got three toffees from principal for getting the 1st position and six of my teachers asked me to keep one for them.

When I got in sixth grade I had Arabic in my course which was pretty difficult to understand and write. My Arabic teacher (who was from some small village) used to ask me how many mothers do I had and if  I was expecting another sister or brother from my parents. I was too innocent for all those questions at that time and he for sure knew that, if he had asked these questions from someone else in my class he probably would have gotten a satisfying answer. I never scored well in Arabic until I got the formula for scoring which was writing the  question in red pen and writing the same question in the answer with a blue pen which guaranteed full marks.

Besides my school life I had a very good social life. I had good friends in the colony Laloo, Kaloo (Wasim), Gagi and many more who played cricket, ando empress and soccer with me. Laloo lost his virginity in his early days by getting married. One day we went to call him for cricket but his dad said that he could not go; he is getting married the dad announced, so Laloo became a gentleman that day. I had broken one tube light, one glass window of the X-ray room and one glass of X-ray laboratory while playing cricket but no one said a single word to me since I was the son of a doctor.  According to my parents I have been gifted 8 bicycles by them till now and my elder brother always complained that he didn’t get a single one. That was the reason he always remained the top scorer at school and quite un- cool. He tried to become cool though, by adopting twinkle khanna’s style but I guess it didn’t work much.


About billaytoot

I am trying best to come up with the best analysis about the society. I have grown up in two different class of societies. My schooling was from a very ordinary school at a small town and I ended up being a Computer Scientist although I wanted to be a film director I love playing tennis, volley ball, squash, soccer, table tennis, cycling and badminton. I have done sketching, oil painting and fabric painting. I have good grip on camera. I have also participated in short movie, ad films and poster designing competitions. I Love traveling and environmental science. planning to study business and want to start a business. Yes I love humor and I am a very jolly person I would really appreciate if my readers leave comments because their words are very encouraging to me.
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2 Responses to Nostalgia is not a Bitch! — Growing up

  1. madiha saleem says:

    bht mazay ka tha ur blog.. it was so fun reading it n i can imagine how much u had while writing it 🙂 it was funny n wirtten jst like stories u used to tell us in ofc 😀

  2. HB says:

    hehehe no comments bilal, v already had a gud discussion over it 😛 lolz 😛

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