Aisam and PTV coverage

IT is good to see that PTV Sports has started broadcasting tennis grand- slam matches. I was expecting that PTV would be specially broadcasting Aisam-ul-Haq’s matches.

Unfortunately, neither any match of Aisam was shown nor discussed in post-analysis.

Aisam might not be as big a player as Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, but he means more than any world class player to Pakistani youngsters who love tennis.

Aisam has brought a positive image of Pakistan to the world and we are really proud of him.

I request the PTV to broadcast Aisam’s matches in future. I also congratulate Aisam for reaching the third round of Wimbledon in men’s doubles and second round of mixed doubles.Image

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Household work & its status

IT is very surprising to hear from women of modern families that they believe that household work is unpaid labour.

I think that considering household work as unpaid labour is unfair. According to my knowledge, it is mandatory for the husband to give a certain amount of money to his wife and she has the right to spend that money at her own will.

If it is all about paid and unpaid labour, then how would an individual define that money as the right earning? A woman is believed to be the queen of the household in our culture. She takes good care of the house while the husband meets all financial needs.

I am not against educated and working women as they are very helpful in supporting the family and adding to the family income. I also agree that men are not completely aware of the rights of women.

However, the home should not be considered a corporation. Everything should not be calculated in terms of profits and loss or paid and unpaid labour. The relationship between the husband and the wife is that of love and mutual understanding.

It is quite unjust on the part of the wife not to care about the home because it is unpaid labour

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Hotel Pakistan

Pakistan baniney ke baad, Jab aik aik kar ke, Log zardari baniney lagey, tou apney hum khayalon ko hum ne dhoodna shru kiya, ke kis tarah logon ko gadho se wapis insaan banaya jae….Light na honey ki waja se, aik bulb nahein jalta tha, tou mein ne yeh nazam Hotel Pakistan likhi thee…

On a dark desert highway, mud in my hair
Warm smell of burning tires, rising up through the air
Up ahead in the distance, I saw a shimmering light
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
I had to stop for the night
There he stood in the doorway;
I heard the mission bell
And I was thinking to myself,
’he could be president or he could be a thief’
Then he lit up his Teeth and he showed me the way
There were voices down the corridor,
I thought I heard them say…

Welcome to the hotel Pakistan
Such a lovely place
with a bloody face
Plenty of room for the corrupt politicians at the hotel pakistan
Any time of year, you can find it here

His mind is evilly twisted, He got the Mercedes Benz
He got a lot of pretty, pretty boys, that He calls Rehman Malik
How they dance in the courtyard, sweet summer sweat.
Some president to remember, some president to forget

So I called the Prime minister, Please bring my democractic right,
he said we have not have that spirit here since 1969.
And still those voices are calling from far away,
Wake you up in the middle of the night
Just to hear them say…

Welcome to the hotel Pakistan
Such a lovely place
With a bloody face
They livin’ it up at the hotel Pakistan
What a nice surprise, bring your underwear on fire

 Generators on the ceiling, UPS on the right,
people say we all are just prisoners here, of our own democratic advice,
And in the protest chambers, They gathered for to feast,
The stab it with their steely knives, But they just can’t kill the beast (Politicians)

Last thing I remember, I was running for the Passport,
I had to find the passage back
To the place I was before,
’relax,’ said the passport man, We are programmed to receive.
You can check out any time you like, But you can never leave!

Welcome to Hotel Pakistan!! Such a lovely place with a bloody face..

jab yeh nazam mein ne khatam ki, tou kisi senior friend ne facebook pe kaha, ke moqa nahein tha, mein ne kaha, Mein moqa parast nahein hun ..

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Disgusting eggs tasted good

After playing tennis, I decided to eat two eggs, I don’t know how to cook, so I took water in pot and placed two eggs in it and boiled them. I left the eggs to get boiled, mean while I went to press my shirt. I came back and could see cracks on the outer cover of eggs. I thought they are ready to eat and took them out. They were very hot, so I kept them in freezer for couple of minutes.

I broke the cover and started peeling the eggs. As I discovered that eggs were not properly boiled and they were still pretty pulpy. I could see the white juice coming out of it and wet yellow stuff. It looked like someone had spitted in my boiled egg. I didn’t know what to do, whether put it back in water or eat. I took the eggs in kitchen, because I did not want my brother to vomit in the morning sitting beside me. I put some salt over them, closed my eyes and ate them.

I did not vomit so I am writing this to make you vomit :p


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Published letter: “Dislocating us from our natural talent”

THIS is apropos of Fatima Zahra Bukhari’s letter ‘Deciding a career’ (March 2) in which she has contented that counselling by professionals is required in Pakistan for choosing a career. But I do not agree with the point.

It is a tradition in our society and a negative approach to select the field whatever others tell us. We never try to utilise our talent and explore options and then study. It is not necessary what we are advised by our parents or professional advisers is best for us. This is the reason that we are obsessed with the concept of becoming doctors, engineers and MBAs, irrespective of the fact that our natural talents and interests may lie somewhere else.

Natural talent is like a natural resource which is not easy to find. To explore and get natural resources, we have to dig deep.

Similarly, one has to create circumstances to realise one’s natural talent. I believe our education system is one of the factors that dislocate us from our natural talents. From Class I, we are put under pressure with dozens of examinations, we are, therefore, not able to find out our interests or natural talent.

We are judged by examinations which are not the logical way to judge one’s capabilities. All we care about in academic careers are good grades. After several examinations, we reach college where we face a dilemma of choosing a field of study; what we want to become in the future. Before reaching college, no one ever asks us what do we want to study — science, literature, sports or arts? But we are asked like a robot to bring good grades in examinations and in every subject, no matter we like it or not.

Human mind is very diverse. Neither parents nor an adviser can predict what is in a human mind. Parents will advise what they listen from their friends, and a professional adviser will tell us from where and how we can earn more.

But they never guarantee that we would enjoy doing what they tell. Parents should give time, help and freedom to their children to realise where their interest and natural talent lie rather than make them believe that they want to become engineers or doctors.



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Short Story

A 23 years old young, trying hard to paint his first painting ever, is lost in his own world of colors. Though he has never struck the brushes over canvas before, but still he makes sure to bring the best out of him to be an artist. His name is Bobby and he is a computer artist oh, actually he is computer scientist. He lives in a small home where other family members do not really appreciate painting.

He is currently working on his first painting and desires to finish it before his brother named Sunny, who is working abroad, arrives in Pakistan. Sunny really loves paintings and he had painted a lot before getting engaged with a business job. Sunny has decided to move back to Pakistan permanently. Excited Bobby when listens about the Sunny moving back permanently to Pakistan makes a wish to God.

” Dear God, I wish that my brother can not come until my Painting is not completed”

Bobby did not know, but actually his wish to finish his painting before his brother arriveshad come true in the sky. He started painting when his brother decided to come Pakistan. Bobby was very excited and worked very enthusiastically on stroking colors freely. So was his brother who had given leaving notification to boss and sent formal documents for process.  The painting was quiet simple; it was a vintage, damaged car lying in a deserted area, under blue sky. Bobby sketched the image and started spreading layers of paint over canvas in different sessions.  Bobby told his brother on cell phone that he has been working on a painting and wishes to finish it before Sunny arrives.

Bobby gets up early in the morning to finish the painting because couples of days were left for his brother to come Pakistan. He makes tea for himself and goes to work place. Bobby gets shocked to see that painting is missing from the place. He runs here and there to find it, if mistakenly someone has kept it somewhere else but sadly he fails to find it. Bobby calls Sunny to tell story. Sunny also tells him bad news of losing formal documents and he could not come back until those documents were recovered.

—-If you want a sad ending then read in Red at the end of page—

—-if you want some excitement read in Blue—

Bobby does not give up and put a FIR in police station. Police comes for investigation and asks about the family members and servants coming in the house. Police had doubt over the maid working but Bobby never understood why she would steal a painting from his house. Police’s doubt comes true and painting is found from maid’s home. She claims that she did not steal the painting but her son who is a desperate painter stole it to work on it. Finally bobby gets the painting but sadly the painting was not the same. The maid’s son was obsessed with ancient wars and since the painting already showed a broken vintage car, he had painted a war in the painting where enormous number of people were fighting while wearing iron shields and underwear with swords. Poor Bobby could not do anything with the painting and decided to show poor piece of work to his brother Sunny when he comes.

After couple of days —-

Bobby’s phone rings early in the morning; half sleepy bobby picks up the phone ..

“hello” Bobby says;

“hey it is me, listen I will be arriving Pakistan in the evening” –Sunny says;

“Yeah, Did you get the formal documents?”-  Bobby asks

“I will tell you the story as I arrive there” –Sunny says

Bobby gets up with excitement that he will show the painting to his brother. He decides to take the painting to the airport. Bobby reaches airport 20 minutes before the flight. He sits on waiting seat looking at the painting with half smile and wondering what will he tell his brother for the war that he has painted. The painting had a war head leader holding sword, wearing an iron shield and underwear and a short man with the same dress but different sword.

As bobby turns his eyes out of the painting what he sees the same warrior guy coming in front of him, he looks at the painting and looks up and is shocked to see the same painted leader guy with the sword is coming. Bobby rubs his eyes and hit his head to make sure he was not dreaming. After a while short guy with same war dress joins him as illustrated in the painting and pieces of broken vintage cars are also brought in the huge trolleys. Bobby keeps wondering, how the hell painting could be so real. After looking closely Bobby realizes that his brother Sunny is in the dress of the leader with iron shield and underwear and coming towards him. Suddenly Bobby’s wish clicks in his mind that he had wished to finish the painting before his brother and since painting was messed up, his brother…………………..$$@#@@##…. OH MY GOOOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!

His brother Sunny hugs him warmly and scared Bobby starts crying, telling his brother that all was his fault that he should not have made a wish to God. Sunny wonders that what the heck Bobby is talking about. Bobby asks Sunny why he is dressed up like warriors. Sunny tells the story that he had lost his formal documents on the day when Bobby’s painting was stolen but when bobby was telling about the recovery of stolen painting on the phone, sad Sunny could not tell his brother that his documents were lost and he could not come back to Pakistan; While talking to Bobby, Sunny saw a group of play performer who had a truck, displaying advertisement of performing warriors show at Pakistan. Sunny had contacted them and told the story of documents and they asked him to come with them in a team of Play performer so he had to wear those Iron shield and underwear.

Bobby hugs Sunny and tells him not to leave him again and Bobby gets the lesson to think before making a wish. Now Bobby and Sunny lives happily except fighting on eggs and Bobby has left painting any more.

Sad Ending…

Because of bobby’s wish, sunny could not come, because bobby’s painting was stolen, so were Sunny’s formal documents.

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Bullah tu ki haasil kita je yaar na rakhya raazi

It is quiet surprising that every time I have met so called pious people they have always portrayed God as very strict and unkind. I am always told that if you pray you will go to Heaven, where you’ll get rivers of milk, sugar syrups, chocolates and everything I desire; I will have quite a big number of ‘hoorein’. On the other hand, if I don’t pray, I will burn in Hell. Although I am Muslim by birth, yet I have been told this story thousands of times by various so-called-pious people; it creates a very scary image of God in my mind. I am scared; I prefer Heaven over Hell. So what do I do? Where is the manual for Heaven? Here I am provided a list of do’s and don’ts by so-called-pious people. Since I have always been informed of the hard side of Islam, I have adopted the same mindset. Whenever I am interacting with my family or friends I am strict with them, not because I really care about them or care about God or doing the right or wrong things, but I do care about my Heaven. I perform many Hajjs and Umrahs, not caring that there are people sleeping hungry in my neighborhood; so what if recent floods have washed away the homes of poor people in my country I will perform Hajj and Umrah because it washes away my sins and that will lead me to Heaven. The adequate number of Hajj and Umrah performed makes me feel good; it makes me feel the same way as I do while wearing branded watches and clothes; so-called-pious people appreciate me like I am appreciated by random people for wearing branded stuff. The interesting part of my story is that I forgot my very first and most basic lesson and when your basics are weak, you can’t really clear the test; that lesson was amalon ka daromadar niyat pe hota hai” (actions are judged by intentions). I did all the right things but I did not really do them because I love my God. I did them merely to get to Heaven or to escape Hell. My heart and soul remained far from the love of God.

Tasbeeh phiri te dil na phriya laina tasbeeh parh ke hoo
You have been counting your rosary beads, but your heart hasn’t taken a turn for the better. What can anyone gain from such a practice?

Ilm parhiya te adab na sikhya laina ilm no parh ke hoo
You acquired knowledge by reading scriptures, But you didn’t submit yourself to their mandate, What can anyone gain from such knowledge?

chilay katay nay kujh na khatiya laina chuliyaan warh ke hoo
You secluded yourself for forty-day retreats, but that too did you no good

Jaag bina doodh jamday na ba ho lal ho wan bhavein karh ke hoo
You may keep boiling milk forever, O Bahu, but unless it is cultured, it will not yield the essence.

– Hazarat Sultan Bahu –

Every person has their own perspective on things; they might or might not have the ability to see things from various angles. I believe that Islam is a religion of peace and love, which in various ways teaches you, how to love and respect your fellow beings irrespective of their religion, creed, color or language. It is necessary to understand God from the perspective of love rather than being scared of Him. Not many people appreciate my point of view and say it is necessary for us to perceive God as unkind because we don’t obey His orders. Okay, Agreed; but when you really love someone, you automatically do not do things that your beloved does not like. If mistakenly you do something wrong, then you apologize profusely and your sweet beloved forgives you.

“Aql ke Madrase se uth, Ishq ke Maikade mein aa”
Get out of the school of wisdom and come in the bar of love

The teachings of Islam that we encounter completely ignore the other side of the picture: the soft side of Islam and the emphasis on the rights of others. We have become intolerant because we are not informed about this loving side of Islam. There are number of events in history where a non Muslim earned great respect in the eyes of God for being kind to an animal so imagine how much respect one would earn if he were kind and loving to His fellow beings. I am not against the practices of Islam, as a lot of them are mandatory. But I prefer to carry out those practices out of love rather than out of duty.  What is the point of performing all my mandatory duties if I am not kind to other fellow beings? I can’t love God without loving what He has created. No matter how many prayers I offer, Hajj I perform, fasts I keep, would they make my God happy when His people are not happy with me?

“Parh parh ilm kitaabaan da tu naam rakh leya qaazi
Learning through the rote of books you call yourself a scholar

Hath vich parh ke talvaaraan tu naam rakh leya ghaazi
Grasping the sword in your hand you call yourself a warrior

Makke Madinay ghoom aya tu naam rakh leya haaji
Having visited Mecca and Medina you call yourself a pilgrim

Bullah tu ki haasil kita je yaar na rakhya raazi!
Bullah, what have you accomplished if you have not remained true to your friend!”

-Kalam e Bulleh Shah-


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